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Do you want a water purifier?

Yes because you want to drink fresh, chemical free water and you hate the bottled waters.

Two years ago we’ve moved to our new home and I bouht a good Water filter.
Before I did it, I read all the news and books about this theme, I have walked all the shops and learned more and more.
And the best solution was simply, and was not a high priced equipment. Not at all.
It was a PUR water purifier.
Why did I choose it?
Because it was a simply and a cheap solution.
If I compare the price of the water - what I make with my purifier - with the bottled water’s price, the bottled water price is 4 times higher than my water.
If I compare the quality of the waters: MY water is better.
So, if you are thinking about to by a good water filter, visit our entire site, and you will get a clean picture about the possibilities.

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